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Maurey Power Transmission Products

Eugene Maurey Sr. founded Maurey Manufacturing Corporation in 1917 as Up-To-Date Machine works. Our earliest products included wheel locks for Model-T Fords in the emerging American automobile industry.  Since then the products soon evolved to include what we are most well know for today which are fixed and variable pitch v-belt sheaves, bushings, timing pulleys, synchronous belt sprockets, shaft couplings and variable speed products.  In 1948 we established a unique marketing partnership with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company that enabled v-belts and other products to be provided to customers nationwide.  This relationship continues today with Maurey Manufacturing Corporation marketing Continental ContiTech’s entire line of power transmission products after their acquisition of Goodyear’s portion of that business.  

We have grown quite a bit over the years and recent expansions to our facilities have resulted in nearly 160,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space.  Maurey Manufacturing maintains inventory at nearly a dozen locations around the country to best serve our customers.  In spite of this growth, we are still the same family owned business we were back at our founding.  In fact our current president Joseph W. Maurey is the grandson of our founder.  

Maurey Manufacturing – established in the early days of the last century, positioned for the challenges of the next.